Our talented Stone County gardeners offer a wide range of fresh, locally-grown produce of the highest quality as well as a diverse selection of prepared food / non-food items and handmade crafts. We follow a strict hand-grown and hand-made rule. If our gardeners don’t grow it or make it…they don’t sell it! Come join us as we celebrate our new community tradition and in reaping the healthy benefits of eating food that comes straight from the ground to your table!

For a peek at the farms and gardens of each of the Stone County Farmers Market full-season Vendors, click on their page in the drop-down menu to your left.

TIP FOR BEST VIDEO-VIEWING EXPERIENCE: Having a good video experience is essentially dependent on the speed of our internet connection…which makes it very challenging if we live in an area where high-speed service is not yet available.

In order to view a video in its entirety…without it continually stopping to load and re-load…try one of two things:

1) Turn your volume all the way down, press the “play” button (which is either arrow…the one in the middle of the video screen or the one down in the bottom left corner of the video screen) and let the video play through one full time. You’ll see the “bar” just below the screen become increasingly shaded which indicates the video is loading. Then, turn your volume back up, hit “play” again and enjoy the video in its entirety.

Or, 2)  press the “play” button and quickly press “pause.” Your video will continue to load. After it has fully loaded, simply press “play” again and enjoy the video.

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