Oct 122012

Hey, All…

As of October 1, Vendors will be doing their own advertising through the Classifieds and through other means if they’re going to be at Market. So, be sure to check your paper and/or stop by the Site each Saturday to see if your Vendors are there!

Shop local! Support your Growers! See you there!

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Sep 282012

Hey, Everyone!

Your vendors will be at Market this Saturday, September 29th!

Be sure to stop in and see them before shopping anywhere else. There’s nothing quite like fresh, home-baked goods to add to your weekend menus and we hear there will be plenty of those to choose from!

For online shoppers…the location and time for order pickup has changed for the weekend. Orders should be picked up between 9:30A -11:00A at:

Main Street Cafe
108 Main Street

Have a great weekend!

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Sep 212012

Hey, Everyone!

Be sure to check the Market Site for vendors this Saturday, September 22! ¬†With the season winding down and the weather acting up, it’s a little harder for them to determine if they’ll be there. If they are, you can count on there being many tasty items to choose from.

The good news is, you can now keep up with local produce and other vendor products through the winter months by having an account at The Online Market! While having an account doesn’t obligate you to purchase a thing, you will be able to stay informed as to what’s available. You’ll receive reminder emails when The Market opens each week giving you a chance to browse and shop. And, with holidays just around the corner, you may find lots of items that will enrich your menus.

Remember to stay informed so you can shop local whenever possible!

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