Welcome to the 2014 Market Season!

Looks like we’re finally “gearing up” for our season! This crazy weather of ours affects everyone…especially our farmers!


We’ve become a vendor-managed market. While there are a few basic tenants we need to abide by (contact our coordinator RC Schroeder for more info at 870-746-4263), participating as a vendor is a straightforward proposition.

We’ve got an official day and time of operation – Saturday, 8 am to Noon – which means that any vendor who has paid their annual fee of $20 can sell at the market site on those days and times throughout the season. Once a vendor pays their fee, they’re ready to begin selling at the Market site. And, since we’re vendor-managed, it’s up to each vendor to comply with State laws governing farmers markets. We’ve posted State Health Department Guidelines on our board at the market site. Whenever a vendor is selling at the Site, the cover over the Guidelines will be lowered for all to observe.

First and foremost, we’re a growers-only market. This means anything that is sold at our Market will be raised, grown and/or made by the person selling it.

We welcome your feedback and will do whatever we can to help create a farmers market the County can be proud of!

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