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Welcome to the 2013 Market Season!

Looks like we’re finally “gearing up” for our season! This crazy weather of ours affects everyone…especially our farmers!


We’ve become a vendor-managed market. While there are a few basic tenants we need to abide by (check our 2013 Guidelines on our Application & Guidelines Page toward the top of the menu to the left), participating as a vendor is a straightforward proposition.

We’ve got official days and times of operation, which means that any vendor who has paid their annual fee of $20 can sell at the market site on those days and times throughout the year. Once a vendor pays their fee, they will receive a table covering and a badge they’ll display and wear any time they’re selling at the Market site. And, since we’re vendor-managed, it’s up to each vendor to comply with State laws governing farmers markets. We’ve posted State Health Department Guidelines on our board at the market site. Whenever a vendor is selling at the Site, the cover over the Guidelines will be lowered for all to observe.

First and foremost, we’re a growers-only market. This means anything that is sold at our Market will be raised, grown and/or made by the person selling it.

Our vendor fee allows any vendor to sell both at the market site and online at our Stone County Locally Grown Online Market. If a vendor needs assistance posting products online, free instruction is readily available.

Customers interested in shopping online to have orders reserved and ready for them for pickup at Market should go to Stone County Locally Grown Online¬†and open an account. Opening an account does not obligate a customer to purchase anything. However, it will insure that the account holder receives weekly reminders when the Market opens and closes; can see what is available each week; and, receives local food news updates and stays abreast of what’s happening around local food in the County.

We welcome your feedback and will do whatever we can to help create a farmers market the County can be proud of!

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